November 19, 2018

The ALL-NEW Revenant BMW Amplifier Upgrade is Here

Revenant BMW Amplifier Upgrade

It’ll be priced at just $997, but you can save $100 if you pre-order at $897. Scroll down for all the juicy details.

Over the years, thousands of you have contacted us saying, “Do you guys make an amplifier upgrade for my BMW?”

Now, the wait is nearly over. Today, you can order the ULTIMATE audio upgrade for your BMW with Bavsound’s all-new Revenant Amplifier.

The ALL-NEW Revenant Amplifier is the ULTIMATE BMW Audio System Upgrade.

Incredible 1300W Output. Astounding Bass Response. Exceptional Clarity. 64-bit DSP. Installs in 45 minutes. Made in Germany.

Simply swap your original BMW amplifier for our factory fit, 100% plug and play replacement, and radically transform every aspect of your BMW’s audio system.

Don’t compromise the integrity of your BMW for exceptional audio. With the Revenant, you get limitless power output, exceptional dynamics, extraordinary sound quality AND seamless integration — a listening experience you never imagined possible.

All together, that means one thing: your music is going to sound, in a word, amazing.

In the 14 years we’ve been developing products, this is the one we’re most excited to launch.

Here are the details of this exclusive pre-order:

  • Offered at $897, a full $100 off the retail price of $997. These amps won’t be discounted in the future.
  • Only 250 units are available at this price – We have to reserve a significant quantity from our initial production run for future sales, so we can only offer 250 units as pre-orders at this price. Note that this e-mail is reaching around 50,000 customers; we expect these amps to sell out quickly.
  • Estimated Ship Date of late February 2019 – Cancel your pre-order at any time for a full refund between now and the ship date if you change your mind.
  • Backed by our 100 Day In Car Trial / 4 Year Warranty – If you don’t absolutely love the amp when it’s installed, send it back for a full refund within 100 days of the date you receive it.

Ready to order? Here’s what to do:

  1. Head to the product page on our website or reach out to one of our certified dealers.
  2. Click “Choose my car” and enter your vehicle info. If your vehicle is compatible with this upgrade, you can purchase. If it’s not, let us know, and we’ll recommend the perfect upgrade for your particular BMW. (Not sure which audio system your vehicle has? More info below).
  3. Check out normally. Your discount is included in the price shown on the website.

What happens after I order?

Your new amplifier upgrade is currently being produced, so all you have to do is hang tight and we’ll notify you when your purchase has shipped! If you have any questions before then, just e-mail us at and we’ll be more than happy to assist.


Not sure which audio system you have?

We include helpful hints on our website if you select “I’m not sure” as your audio system. However, if you still can’t figure it out, head to and enter your VIN info. Based on the option codes listed, you can determine your audio system, as follows:

• S676A – You have “Standard Hi-Fi” as your audio system
• S677A – You have the “Premium Top Hi-Fi” or “Logic7” or “Harman Kardon” audio system

Don’t have one of those or still stuck? Contact us by email, or call 888-878-5520 and we’ll get you sorted.

Want to know more about this incredible new amp upgrade?

Here are its key features:

  • The “Punch” You’ve Been Missing – The perfect amount of bass at every volume – THE NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT about BMW audio systems: they lack “punch” — another way of saying weak bass response and amplifier power.

    THE CHALLENGE? Even with an upgraded amp, at low volumes, bass is still “thin.”

    THE SOLUTION: Bavsound’s “Bass Expander” technology. Utilizing advanced, proprietary DSP, we dynamically augment the amount of bass, adding more at lower volumes and less at higher volumes

    THE RESULT: Profoundly powerful, deep, authentic bass response at low and high volumes AND extraordinary sound quality and fidelity at ANY volume.

  • Effortless, 45 minute DIY Installation – Plug & Play Installation in less than 45 minutes. No skills or complex tuning required. Includes everything you need.
  • 3x the power and output and fantastic sound quality – With 645 watts RMS / 1300 watts peak power output versus just 205 watts from your factory BMW amplifier (and just 415 watts from our competition); plug and play design; and ground-breaking DSP technology, the Revenant BMW Amplifier Upgrade is all you need to have extraordinary sound.
  • Tuned for your specific BMW model – Our 64-bit, proprietary DSP system comes painstakingly pre-tuned for your specific BMW by the BMW audio pros – Bavsound. So you get custom performance, without the hassles of custom tuning.
  • Perfectly matched to our legendary Stage One Speaker and Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Upgrades – Get the exceptional sound quality you’ve always wanted, plus the power and drive to take it to the next level.  With every Revenant Amplifier tuned to work perfectly with our speakers and subwoofers, it’s a match made in heaven.

What makes this different than other amp upgrades on the market?

There are two options for most customers, and we’ll compare each to the Revenant:

Option 1: Custom installation using an off-the-shelf amplifier. With so many amps available, comparing specifications and performance is impossible. But the biggest difference in this case is installation, and maintaining your vehicle’s integrity, plus the time, energy, and money spent doing it. You might save on parts, and spend a fortune on labor, all for an uncertain result not backed by our 100 day in-car trial like the Revenant.

Option 2: Other plug and play amplifier options. Other plug and play amp solutions have around two thirds the power (415w vs. Revenant’s 645w) and lack our unique “Bass Expander” technology, tuning expertise, AND our 100 Day In-Car Trial. The performance difference is, put simply, night and day. We invite you to purchase both and see which you like best. We know which one you’ll be keeping.

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

We’re here and ready to answer any questions you have. Just email us, or call 888-878-5520, M-F, 9a – 5p Pacific time.