September 20, 2016

Bavsound vs. E46 Factory Speakers

While it’s easy for us to tell you how amazing our speakers sound and give you all kinds of technical information about how our drivers are superior to the factory speakers, oftentimes a picture can tell a thousand words in a much more detailed manner.

These first two images are that of our E46 midbass driver as it compares to an intact factory speaker from a 2006 M3 with the HK system.


The speaker above actually functions and plays sound, but you can see how the paper cone of the factory speaker has succumbed to the moisture and the foam surround has begun to degrade as the movement of the speaker over time simply wears out the material. Distortion is the primary output heard from this speaker, and an upgrade is definitely in order here.
Our driver is built using a curvilinear fiberglass woven cone, which is then treated with a light resin coating to protect the cone and ensure no cone distortion comes into play. Further, we use a santoprene surround which ensures a lifetime of performance without distortion. Below you’ll see the motor structure differences, which further highlights our driver’s ability to enhance the midbass performance of the audio system.



Below you’ll see a speaker we removed from a standard HiFi E46 car – it did not play, and highlights the propensity for mechanical failure which is prevalent across all E46 midbass drivers, regardless of the factory audio system.


Moving on… Our tweeters represent a colossal improvement in high frequency response and presence – not only is the dome area markedly larger (up to 50% in the HK cars), but our silk dome ensures smooth, effortless performance across the upper end of the spectrum.


Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any further questions – after 17 years of working extensively with the E46 chassis, there isn’t much we haven’t come across and for which we haven’t created a brilliant solution…