January 18, 2016

We’re on our biannual Bavsound Retreat so we can serve you even better

Twice a year, the Bavsound team gets together to reflect on our successes (and mistakes) from the last six months, to plan, and to figure out how we can serve you even better. ¬†And right now (January 18th through the 22nd) we’re on that retreat in Big Bear, CA in a little cabin in the woods and snow, brainstorming fireside all sorts of new ideas — all in an effort to make your experience with Bavsound a little more joyful.

In order to make the most progress as quickly as possible and use this incredibly valuable time to provide the absolute maximum benefit to you, that means:

  • We won’t be answering calls (but will be responding to voicemails)
  • Our normal response time to e-mails will be somewhat delayed
  • Please be patient with us and allow up to 2 business days for a response.

We promise we’re going to take care of you as quickly as we can, but building an even better Bavsound for you requires focus, and that requires time. ¬†Thanks as always for your tremendous support; you inspire us every single day to do even better than before.