December 21, 2009

X5 Specific Midbass Drivers Now Shipping

Well, we’ve done it again. After many years of retro-fitting a 5.25″ speaker into the 2000-2006 X5 Stage 1 speaker upgrade systems, we’ve developed the industry’s first X5¬†specific 6.5″ direct-fit driver. What does this mean, you might ask? For starters, a dramatic improvement in midbass¬†response will be immediately realized, as we’ve increased cone area by […]

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December 17, 2009

FREE Stage 1 Kits in SoCal

BSW needs cars (SoCal ONLY) for product development and we are happy to give away a Stage 1 Audio Upgrade absolutely FREE for anyone willing to donate their time / vehicle. Vehicles we need: * E90/E92/E93 w/ Individual Audio (DIRAC) * E60 w/ Individual Audio (DIRAC) * 2010+ E90/E92/E93 w/ Base Audio * 1 Series […]

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